Armada Talent Experience with Armin van Buuren and ‎Eelke Kleijn

Masterclasses from Armin van Buuren and ‎Eelke Kleijn

Today I am at ‎the Armada Music Headquarter for the ‎Armada Talent Experience with Armin van Buuren and ‎Eelke Kleijn!

After a round of selection, I was allowed to participate in the restricted group.

Learning a lot during the 2 masterclasses, and at the end: chatting, giving my sticker, having Armin’s signature and doing a ‎fistbump with Armin van Buuren. It was great afternoon and Armin is cool!!!

During the day, I had interviews with the National Dutch TV-programs: NOS Jeugdjournaal and RTL Boulevard.


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