DJOI – Private Party

Hey 💥🎉 Party Animals 🎉💥 from CBS Coolsma Driebergen 🎈🎈🎈 Thanks for the party 👍👍 It was fun to celebrate with you all 2 birthdays at the same time 🎂🎉💥🎈

TAF Doetinchem

Opening of The Athlete’s Foot Doetinchem 🎉🎂🎈 Great new TAF shop with very nice people 👍 Thanks for having me 🙏🎚🎶

Indoor Throwdown Finals – Stage 2

Other stage, other hall and an other sound 🎧🔥

It was fun playing 🎧🔥 during the finals 🏆🥇 of Indoor Throwdown The Beach Aalsmeer

DJ BastiQ at Indoor Throwdown stage 1

Indoor Throwdown Finals – Stage 1

YES – Stage 1 🎉 Playing 🎧🔥 during the finals 🏆🥇 of Indoor Throwdown The Beach 🏋️‍♀️💪 in the biggest indoor beach of the Netherlands: The Beach Aalsmeer

DJM 900 Nexus inside

DIY Brain surgery of my Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus mixer. Replacing the broken button. Patient is doing well! #FIXED

FutureNight Leersum

On stage of Futurenight 🎉🎉 Keeping the beat rolling during the closing set 🔥🕺🎧

Thanks for having me 🙏 Till next time 👍👍👍

BSO Jungkidz IJsselstein

What a BIG party! 🔥 It was awesome 💪!
Thanks to BSO Jungkidz (location Linnaeusweg IJsselstein) to be at the opening of your new location! And thanks to IJsselstein 🙏🙏

Music: DJ Maurice and the Snollebollekes with the track: De Vloer Is Lava

Link to my Instagram channel with a short movie

Eins, Zwei, Polizei

Es geht los mit DJ BastIQ 🇳🇱🎉🔥 Eins ☝️ Zwei ✌ Polizei 👮‍♂️🇩🇪🔊 mit Trance beat darunter 😁😜

The Athlete’s Foot – Hoog Catharijne

Having fun at The Athlete’s Foot Hoog Catharijne with the guys at this sneakershop 🎉🔥🎶 Rocking behind the DJ booth 🕺🎧 and giving people a smile 😁 Great afternoon at Utrecht 👍🎵

Radioshow Time4Trance

Playing an one hour trance liveset at the famous Dutch radioshow Time4Trance 🔥 Going nuts from trance to psytrance and back! What a great night at RTV Lansingerland in the show of Han Beukers 🙏👍