KRK Rokit 6

Hello KRK Rokit 6

My first set active speakers where the Hercules XPS 2.0 60 DJ set. I bought these speakers for practicing DJ-ing in Spain (during the summer holiday of 2014). Back home I also used them for practicing. But the sound is what you can expect for less then 100 euro … not great.
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Ableton Live

EDM producing lesson

I really love to make dance music. So today I had my first EDM producing lesson at the “Zeister Muziekschool” in Zeist (The Netherlands).

During the next 30 weeks I will learn to work with “Ableton Intro”. Hope to post soon a tune!

Pro DJ School

Let’s practice a lot

Rocking the CDJ-2000 Nexus media-players.

DJ - sunday morning

Making noise on sunday

On sunday morning I made some noise! Everyone is dancing!

loop on the CDJ

DJ Lesson #5: The Loop

Today we started with checking if this time my USB stick works. Since the first DJ lesson, I have problems with the TDK 2.0 USB stick. The CDJ-2000 does not recognize the playlist, but if we plugged the USB stick in a Macbook with Rekordbox, everything is there. We could not found any problems. This time I formatted the TDK 2.0 USB stick with a MS-DOS (FAT) structure and marked the option: MBR (Master Boot Record). Nevertheless, it did not work. We are out of options, so lets buy new ones!

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DJ-lesson 4

Lesson #4: 100% Beatmatching

During DJ lesson four we have practiced a hour long with beat matching. Controlling this technique is very important for a DJ, so you can’t practice enough.
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Kidz-dj Workshop

Yesterday I was on the Kidz-dj workshop at “Theater aan de Parade” in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I joined the workshop from 12 to 14 hours. After this group, there was an other Kidz-dj workshop. In total there were 60 Numark sets.

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DJ Practice Session

DJ Practice Session

It was a day without appointments, so a good day to practice a lot. Last friday I noticed during my third DJ lesson, that I am accustomed to my Pioneer XDJ-R1.  I had to search for the buttons on the DJM-900 Nexus. So today I started comparing the buttons on my XDJ-R1 with the buttons on the DJM-900 Nexus. There are quite a few similarities, only some buttons are in a very different place. That’s kind of getting used to.
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dj lesson 3

DJ Lesson #3

Today I had a private lesson from DJ Mike Lewis. In this third lesson a lot of techniques from lesson one and two have been repeated and combined.

Mike gave me homework: I have to practise a lot with beatmatchen and using effects.
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its you time - IKEA

IKEA day-winner with DJ Booth

IKEA has a website where you can upload a picture with your IKEA moment. I sent a picture of my DJ booth to IKEA’s website Everyday IKEA chooses a daywinner. And yes, today I received a mail from Public Relations that I am the daywinner. A 50 euro gift! Thanks IKEA!

More about my booth: