Create Heuvelrug 2016

Create 2016 – Heuvelrug Got Talent

Amazing… I won 3 prices talent show Create Heuvelrug:

  1. Workshop Club DJ,
  2. Gig at WinterBeats and
  3. Interview on FUNX radio / Eclectic030

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Create at Figi

Create Zeist in ‎Theater Figi

On saturday, I was performing at Create Zeist in ‎Hotel Theater Figi. That evening, I was the last one in the line-up. Therefore I could play 13 songs full of high energy. The power went up and the crowd was moving and dancing on the beats.
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Winterbeats Bergse Bossen 2017

DJ BastiQ @ WinterBeats 2017

At CREATE!2016 I won the ticket to DJ at WinterBeats.

Between 22:30 and 23:00 I will take over the party!



Create - Heuvelrug's Got Talent 2016

DJ BastiQ @ Create – Heuvelrug’s Got Talent

Kom kijken naar de beste Talenten van de Heuvelrug!
Zang, Theater, Beeldende kunst, dans, comedy, DJ, etc.

Entree 2,50 euro.
Onder 18 jaar gratis entree.