DJ BastiQ - mixing Vinyl

Vinyl mixing

Vinyl is my obsession and practicing is the cure!
Beat matching with pitch-control 😉

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DJ BastiQ goes Vinyl with Pioneer DJM450 and PLX500

Let’s go vinyl

Yeah, finally my vinyl DJ set complete with my new Pioneer DJM-450 mixer. Let’s go old school!
On picture: Pioneer DJM-450 mixer and two PLX-500 turntables.
Michael Jackson Vinyl double LP: Scream

Michael Jackson – Vinyl double LP: Scream

I bought this double LP of Michael Jackson at a music store in England 🇬🇧 It’s a limited vinyl edition of a glow in the dark version.

vinyl DJ

Vinyl workshop

Playing with vinyls, doing some beatmatching and scratching.
Thanks Peter van der Schaaf for this vinyl workshop!

Vinyl at Oude Ambachten & Speelgoed Museum

Oude Ambachten & Speelgoed Museum

Allways checking the vinyl !!!

Old school with vinyl

Old School with Vinyl

Going old school at the Pioneer DJ School… and I loved it!